published: 5 enero, 2020
They trust that Government will prioritize national industry

The Argentine Precincts team started 2020 confident that the new government will give priority to the national industry.

The director, Luis Trimarco, is optimistic about the reading that the National Executive will have to do about the local companies that are still betting on the country.

“I believe that Argentina always has historical opportunities. Whenever there is a change, a new possibility appears that someone with an enlightened mind from the government area will begin to interpret that the national industry must be pushed in some way and begin to value that. ”

Trimarco says that companies dedicated to 100% national production make great efforts and sacrifices, and hope that the policies that governments develop are oriented to recognize it, prioritizing national production over imported.

“Obviously we expect them to prioritize national production, and we always respecting the quality parameters … It is not about buying the national to buy it. It is to encourage them to go nationally because we are supporting the national industry, because that brings a parallel effect that is the generation of work and all that that implies. ”

And more, he argues, in a product like ours, which has a complex function, “because it is preserving content, it is trying to make sure that what you put inside that car, container or truck, has to reach its destination as it came from the origin ”.