published: 15 noviembre, 2019
Argentine Precincts maintains its 50% market share

Despite the political and economic situation, the Argentine Precincts team believes that there is always an opportunity to get ahead.

Luis Trimarco, president of the company, argues that Argentina’s crises are cyclical and that the country always manages to recover.

At this time, he does not hesitate to recognize that “as you say the statistics there is a significant decrease in consumption, that is, people have stopped consuming,” however, he assures that many Argentine Precintos has the share in the market that has always occupied , “And we are around 45% or 50% of the market.”

Today, he says, it is very difficult to know where companies stand, because of the different crises that affect the entire productive sector, but, above all, because this prevents them from knowing the market well. “However, we know that our clients know us, they know who we are and how we manufacture, and that is very valuable on business days, because there is a group of your allies that is always with you, they are those who never leave you because they believe in you, in the quality of your products and have all their confidence placed in you ”.

The president of Precintos Argentinos is optimistic, as always, in the future in the medium and long term, and ensures that “we will get out of the crisis and almost never notice. It will be a process that will occur naturally, and that will give us relief. We need some oxygen and we will have it. ”